Another year in the books...

Congratulations to the winner of the JeromeXVIII, James Laville! With 112 points and 20 winners, it was a pretty tremendous performance.

See the Keeper’s words below (if you didn’t get the email), thanks for joining us for the mad rush that is these two weeks, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

JeromeXVIII Final Scoreboard

JeromeXVIII Final Survey

Hey Everyone,

We've reached the end of another Jerome Season, and we're back with the usual thank you's. 

It's remarkable that more than 1200 people enter this thing - we hope it puts a fun spin on a fortnight for you every year. I appreciate your interest, enthusiasm, and retweets, in some order.

Thanks as always to the interns for building the infrastructure, crunching the data, and staying patient with you when you clicked Montana State when you meant Montana and now want to switch. They hold a extra special place with us - let's just say none of the rest of you will ever measure up.

Fun run of games this year. The final standings include any ties we could break using numbers of winners picked, then the three tiebreakers everyone submitted. Some of you were identical all the way through and will need to find your own way to determine supremacy. I recommend an Octagon.

Time for our 49 weeks off ... see you next February for #TheJerome...looking up "Roman numerals for 19" brb...XIX. Until then ...

The Keeper