We have a winner!

Congratulations to David Saltzman, who over the course of the two weeks ended with 121 points and 19 winners picked!  The Keeper will be back today with some words of wisdom and congratulations, but we didn't want to delay getting this info into your hands. 

Final scoreboard and survey are below.  For record keeping purposes, ties were broken first by number of winners, then by delta between TB1 and the guess, then by the delta between TB2 and the guess, and then by the delta (can you see where this is going:) between TB3 and the guess.  If there were still ties after that, they hold.  

The tiebreaker results were:  5, 3 and 13 respectively.  

Final JeromeXVII Scoreboard

Final JeromeXVII Survey

Congratluations to all and thank you for playing!